Are you a leader?

MODEL26 is looking for college students and young teachers with leadership skills that have a passion for making a positive impact in society. View program eligibility and download an application.

Our Programs

MODEL26 programming is broken down into two categories: Teacher Training and Literacy Programming. We collaborate with small NGOs abroad to provide volunteer opportunities in Nigeria, Brazil, Peru, and Nicaragua. Below are the requirements for each program and instructions on how to apply. Applications are received on a rolling basis.


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Teacher Training and Professional Development

Lots of times we focus on schools and students, but without teachers a school literally does not work. Even with great facilities, if a student doesn't have a good teacher, they won't receive a quality education. Our teacher training program gives university students studying education and new teachers the opportunity to work with MODEL26 staff in-country to develop training and professional development programs for the teachers that work with MODEL26 partner organizations abroad. The length and content of the programs vary based on local community needs and curriculum requirements. The cost of each program also varies per country and program depending on the length of the stay and the location. Scholarships for trainers are available.


So You Want to Be a Trainer?



Many of the NGOs we work with have local staff that speak little to no English, and sometimes the other adults in the communities where are partner organizations work are unable to read and write in their own language. MODEL26 literacy volunteers can act as English teachers as well as adult literacy volunteers. These volunteers are required to participate in cultural training before leaving and must have working knowledge of the native language in the host country. The length and cost of our literacy programs vary based on partner organization needs. If you are interested in applying to be a literacy volunteer with MODEL26 please send your resume and cover letter to



Idea XChange

Campus Leads, MODEL26 interns, and MODEL26 volunteers will be the policy makers, legislators, NGO directors, and theorists of their generations. Idea XChange is an annual conference held in a different city each year for returned international volunteers, students that have completed internships, and CL�s that have served for at least one semester. Through team-building and social activities, students will have the opportunity to network and develop relationships with one another. Leadership workshops will allow conference attendees to share experiences with one another and begin to work through possible solutions to the problems they encountered during their experiences. Sessions with economists, professors, policy makers, and current NGO administrators will provide additional networking opportunities and insight from experienced professionals.